Train believers in peer to peer environments thru small groups, online, workshop and conference style. All training incorporates open space to allow each person, no matter age (child thru senior), a safe place of stepping out in activation of their gifts. It’s here we begin training Kingdom People with character.

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Create organic paths for believers to find their Tribe (a collective people with same kingdom passions but different giftings) to connect & hear spiritual strategy for their home, community, city, state, nation(s).
In essence to build their Tribe within their local and global community of like minded people gathering to fulfill Kingdom Callings.

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Release of individuals & Tribes to fulfill the call they have received from the Lord. A convergence of sorts that launches in each season what the Lord is calling for to be released, all the while being a support to local ministries and uniting believers to achieve Kingdom Purpose in their neighborhoods, communities, towns, cities, states & the nation(s). There is no more an excuse of why we cannot pursue the direction that God is leading each of us.

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This is a special season of going thru the GATE that God has opened to His people. During this time the Lord spoke to me to begin molding the mantels of the past with the current to create a bridge that future generations will launch their race on.

The launching of obedience to this mission began with a teaching workshop to bring honor and share the wisdom and richness of Tommi Femrite, as an ordained minister and the founder of Gate Keepers International and the Apostolic Intercessors Network. Tommi has  influenced and raised up many people in becoming powerful influencers of Christ. It was a Spirit breathed combination of a giant mantel being merged into the a new season for the now. It truly shifted us into the next season.

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Merging past Mantels in the Current Season to Raise the Foundation for Creating a Bridge for Future Generations To Launch their Race.


Tribe Activation was brought into being thru 25+ years of ministry and a desire from God's heart to provide safe environments of learning & training for all believers, no matter what their age, background or denominational affiliation in order to join other believers and accomplish the vision & mission that the Lord has stirred up inside each of His people. Tribe Activation's sole purpose is to facilitate training & organic connections of believers to build effective Tribes that go forth and accomplish what they are hearing from the Lord in the timing and rhythm of God's heart for each season & journey.

Tribe Activation is founded by Robyn Weatherman.


Robyn has a deep-rooted desire given by God to pursue family-social-world change by advancing the Kingdom of God. She is the Founder of Ministries where they facilitate training & organic connections of believers to build effective Tribes that go forth and accomplish what they are hearing from the Lord in the timing and rhythm of God's heart for each season & journey while bringing healing, deliverance, and freedom to many. She is a revivalist with a strong apostolic and prophetic gift on her life. She has a passion to raise up a new generation of Holy Spirit led ministers fully functioning in their destiny, purpose and callings. Robyn is a third generation minister from both sides of her family. She grew up in movements of the Holy Spirit and later in 1996 moved to Pensacola, FL to take part of the Brownsville Revival and attend BRSM. Since her ordination 26+yrs ago, she has served as a missionary to China, multiple pastoral roles in local churches & para-church ministries along with 12+ years serving with her parents Bill & Janet Sudduth, within their ministries AARM,Inc., RAM,Inc., & ISDM.
Robyn serves as the Florida Apostolic Leader of SPAN-FL (Strategic Apostolic Prayer Network) under Becca Greenwood of

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