At Tribe Activation Ministry we have a deep rooted desire given by God to pursue family-social-world change by advancing His Kingdom one life at a time.

One way is thru offering children, teens, adults, and couples support thru one-on-one and group personal ministry.  Personal ministry sessions are biblically based and geared to not just meet the need at hand but aid in identifying root structure(s), equip the individual/couple/family with proper tool- sets to strategically address root structures, cycles and patterns so that each client is able to successfully walk out their healing and freedom.

The Tribe Freedom Team are trained practitioners who create healing environments, where you as a client are able to encounter the transformational love and power of Jesus. They are experienced each in their own fields of expertise. At Tribe Freedom Network, we meet you where you are and get you connected to the right assistance along your healing & freedom journey!

Financial Commitment

Tribe Activation functions upon a donation based structure. Our desire is that ALL have the opportunity to receive ministry. Therefore, we encourage each person to give into the ministry and work that Jesus has brought to them and to listen to His voice when deciding upon an amount.

Throughout the years many have requested a suggested giving example, as they have understood that all ministers associated with Tribe Activation give of there time and/or rely solely upon the ministry as their main source of income.

Suggested Giving
Single Session (depending on length(s) $40-$300
Couple's Session (depending on length(s) $60-$500

For intense full day sessions discuss prior to scheduling

* We structure each ministry session based upon the person(s), therefore scheduled session(s) may look different than the examples above.

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Tribe Freedom Practitioners create warm environments of God's Love, Wisdom, and Peace during your journey of restoration and healing.

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call/text:  407.796.1365  or email: freedom@tribeactivation.org

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